Brake Repair Specialists

How to Replace Front Brakes, Pads and Rotors

How to Install Brake Rotors and Pads. Learn how to replace your brake pads and rotors on your car. Most cars will be similar to this Ford Ranger and after watching this you will be able to change your own brakes and save hundreds of dollars .

Here is the paint I used in the video:
Torque Wrench I use:
Socket Set I use:
Silicone for Guide Pins:
Brake Clean:
Thread Lock:

How to change Front and Rear Brake Pads and Rotors:
How to bleed/flush your Brakes:
Paint Your Brakes:
Drum Brake Replacement: Cylinder Replacement:
How to Replace a Brake Caliper:

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20 Replies to “Brake Repair Specialists”

  1. So this is what they wanted to charge me $250 for? I could've done this shit myself it's so easy. Fool me once…

  2. Hi Chris, great job on this video. I'm not sure if you left it out of the video, but it's usually a good idea to "burp" the boot of any air before installing the guide pin. It helps lower the force required for the slide load, and don't forget to make sure the pins are clocked properly. Also, great advice you shared with everyone on placing grease on the abutment springs, you definitely know what you're doing!

  3. So Chris fix I got new brakes pads and rotors and after two days I hear more noise what's wornveith it

  4. This was a super good video man. I like how you showed everything clearly, explained what tools I'd need, and explained things to watch out for. Very nice indeed.

  5. On another video by Chris Fix, he put anti-seize grease on the back of the brake pads but not on the Mazda. I'm wondering if this was an oversight or is there a difference between the brakes.

  6. Good video much better than other one would I put copper grease on the pad clips top and bottom too ??

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