Engine Work

How Engines Work – (SEE THROUGH ENGINE in SLOW MOTION) – Smarter Every Day 166

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18 Replies to “Engine Work”

  1. I know how engines works for so long but seeing it made me feel like woooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  2. A flat head engine with a clear head, neat.

    Did you know their was a 4 stroke v8 engine made out of pyrex years ago? It had some parts made out of metal, but the block, crank, sleeves, valves and bearing were metal.

  3. I really appreciate your videos. It's refreshing to see someone like you in the position you are in. I have read "The Walking Drum" and if anyone thinks Louis L'AMOUR could only write westerns, you need to get it.

  4. Viewing the combustion process of an engine is a beautiful mechanical work of art in action without a computer simulation.

  5. if you actually dont know how a combustion engine works you have to be either below the age of ten or come from america

  6. there is a wasted spark in those engines between exhaust and intake, can someone tell me why? is it with every engine?

  7. This is just, so great. This channel is so great. You are great man. Bless you and yours.

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