Steering And Suspensions

How steering and suspension systems work | ACDelco
Did you know that the force from hitting a pot-hole or speed bump can exceed several tons? ACDelco has the parts for your car’s suspension and steering system. This system supports your vehicle, absorbs shocks and bumps, allows front wheels to pivot for steering and maintains wheel geometry with the road for traction and handling. This short animation shows how steering and suspension systems work.

Your trusted ACDelco certified technician can inspect your suspension and steering system components during your next maintenance. Find additional detail, see our Automotive Systems Guide. (Steering) (Suspension) (Search For Service Center)
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Your vehicle’s suspension and steering system endures much abuse from pot-holes and speed-bumps. Did you know the force from hitting a pot-hole or speed bump can exceed several tons?

The vehicles suspension and steering system supports the weight of the vehicle, absorbs shocks and bumps from the road, and allows the front wheels to pivot allowing steering and controls the geometry of the tire and road relationship for best traction and handling under changing road conditions.

Key components of the suspension system include
Shocks and Struts, Springs, Control Arms, Bushings and Ball Joints

Key components of the steering system include: Power Steering Pump, Power Steering Gear, Steering linkage, Power Steering Hoses, Steering Column and Steering Knuckle.

The suspension and steering system is a critical to the safe operation of your vehicle. Abnormal noises or clunks when rolling over bumps or loose steering should be inspected immediately. Have the system checked periodically to catch potentially dangerous conditions early, Visit your local ACDelco service center for expert service and quality parts.