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Learn how to perform a simple tune up to make sure your car is running at its best, and just as importantly, maintaining efficient fuel consumption. Doing a car tune up is easier than you might think. Just a few steps and a few minutes will keep your spark plugs, ignition wires, O2 sensors, air filters, and cabin air filters in optimum working order.

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  1. Does Autozone have a video on Serpentine Belts? This should have been mentioned during this tune up video as a general maintenance inspection… Chipmunks under the hood?

  2. I have a 99 chevy s10 I just bought. I just brought it in for a tune up as I know it needs one from the way it's behaving. Can I expect the shop I brought it into to perform all of these things. My truck is hesitating to start and when it does the idle bounces around and it stutters until I tap the gas then it stops. If i try to drive it even after 2 minutes of idling but engine is still on the cold side it will surge really bad and acts as if it will die unless i put it in neutral. I have to let it warm up all the way b4 it stops and then it will still surge here and there randomly but lightly. It threw a P0300 so i have a random or multiple cylinder misfires but that can be related to a bad fuel injector. The mechanic said the s10s are known to have bad fuel injectors but i feel it could be that but still a mix of needing a complete tune up. Thanks

  3. Just a quick and helpful tip for anyone changing spark plugs:

    Pop your hood and look under it. There are factory stickers in the lip of everyone's hood with some useful information – including your correct spark plug gap! It might be abbreviated but you will know it when you see it. My old man never knew to look for it there but sure enough all of our cars from his 1994 to a 2015 all have it hidden under there!

    PS – this is serious: When you change your spark plugs it is a EXTREMELY recommended that you reset your ECU/clear PCM so that your car does not continue to inappropriately compensate for worn spark plugs after you have installed new ones!!! I don't think it's harmful but the thought of new spark plugs firing extra hot unnecessarily doesn't sound healthy!

  4. Rather than include the "change your cabin air filter" as a "tune-up" I would have included something a little more…useful. I thought they were for luxury models anyway and what luxury model owner actually works on his own car? 😀

    How's about checking that all of your turn/brake lights are still working and then upsell LED upgrades. Or maybe even checking your tires' condition – it's good to go around each tire and make sure they are all the same recommended pressure. Eventually they will go bald and become senile affect driving especially in wet conditions! ;D

  5. good show.

    really?O2 sensors also?I'll check my car repair manual first.

    ..i usually have better experiences with autozone over advanced auto parts (even though their almost identical).

  6. Tuning and swapping parts are quite different.
    How about teaching us to gap plugs, gap points, set timing, set valve lash etc.

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